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Introductions Please!

Introductions Please!

Hello! My name is Paige and I am a runner.  I run for many reasons, but mostly because I want to hold onto my sanity in this world of craziness.  A little about myself …

I am engaged to a a wonderful man (planning a wedding for August YAY!), and we live with our two smelly dogs in the toasty state of Arizona.


In April 2017, I ran my first Boston Marathon and completed the Boston 2 Big Sur Challenge by running the Big Sur International Marathon shortly after.  It was amazing! Not to mention that I ran the Boston Freaking Marathon with my Dad (photo below on Boylston – he’s the dude with his thumbs in the air and I’m the blondie)!



I decided I should start a blog about running, because I absolutely love running and the running community!  There are so many adventures we take as runner, so much we see, so much we feel.  Running is an amazing sport, but its more than just a sport, its a lifestyle!  Now, what sane person would ever say that they LOVE running, right?  But seriously, when you are doing something every day, it becomes routine.  Once it becomes routine, the balance in your life revolves around it.  Typically, if I miss one or more days of running, I find that certain things start falling apart until I get that run in and all becomes peaceful again.

This is why I would like to share my experiences and future endeavors with the world.  I’d also LOVE to hear input and feedback and get to know runners out there that share my thoughts or just love running!

Thanks for reading – CHEERS!